NIEM: National Information Exchange Model

NIEM Model Package Description Specification 3.0.1

HTML and TXT files are only the Model Package Description Specification 3.0.1 document. Changes since version 3.0 are relatively minor and are listed in the Revision History Appendix in the specification.

MPD Toolkit 3.0 ZIP file contains the 3.0.1 specification document (HTML and Text versions) and all associated resource files (appendices, examples, etc.). The version of the Toolkit is based on mpd-catalog-3.0.xsd which has not changed.

For easy access by online tools, the resource artifacts in the Toolkit archive are replicated (unzipped) in these subdirectories:

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[TXT]model-package-description-3.0.1.html2018-07-31 15:33 574K 
[TXT]model-package-description-3.0.1.txt2018-07-31 15:33 223K 
[   ]mpd-toolkit-3.0.zip2018-07-31 15:33 886K 
[DIR]xsd-mpd-catalog/2018-07-31 15:33 -  

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